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Commercial Advertisers

Commercial Advertisers

Gazette advertisement - commercial advertisers

Gazette advertisement - commercial advertisers


Purchase advertising space in the University of Oxford Gazette if you are a commercial advertiser.

Am I in the right place?

Commercial advertisers are those who are advertising their potentially or actually profit-making business, property or service. If you expect to pay income tax or capital gains tax on profits from the business or service you are advertising, you are a commercial advertiser.

Examples of commercial adverts:

  • Renting out property, such as holiday lets or a second property
  • Offering tuition in any subject as a professional tutor or trainer
  • Offering any kind of professional service (eg cleaning, building, driving, physiotherapy etc)
  • Buying/selling goods as a business (eg buying second-hand books, cars etc with the intention of selling them on)

If none of these apply to you, you are probably a private advertiser. Click here to go to the online shop for private advertisers instead.

How much does it cost?

For £30 you can have a 70-word advert in the Gazette.


  1. £20: a 70-word advert in the online edition only
  2. £60: a 150-word advert in 1 issue
  3. Free: a logo or other small picture accompanying your advert - this applies to the online Gazette only (no pictures are possible in the print Gazette).
  4. If you would like to advertise for the whole academic year, please email us at gazette.ads@admin.ox.ac.uk to discuss the discounts which are available.

If you need more information, click here to see full details on the Gazette website [opens in new window]

Instructions - please read before proceeding

1) Decide how many words your advert will need - words are usually separated by a space or a slash.

  • If you have up to 70 words, you will choose one of the options in the left-hand column of the table below.
  • If you have between 71 and 150 words, you will choose one of the options in the right-hand column of the table below.

2) Decide if you want your advert to be published in print and online, or online only.

  • If you want your advert to appear in both print and online, you will choose one of the options in the top row of the table below.
  • If you want your advert to appear in the online Gazette only, you will choose one of the options in the bottom row of the table below.

3) Click the button in the table that corresponds to your chosen number of words and type of publication.

4) A price confirmation will appear in green at the bottom of the screen with plus and minus buttons on either side. Click the plus sign to add more than 1 insertion of the advert.

5) Click 'Add to Basket'. You will tell us your advert text on the next page, along with your preferred publication date (if any).

If you are having difficulty using the shop, please click here for a walkthrough of the entire process [opens in new window].

Terms and conditions

By placing an advertisement, you are accepting and agreeing to comply with the Terms and conditions of acceptance of advertisements which are published in full on the Gazette website. You must ensure that you have read these terms and conditions in full before proceeding.
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