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Is There a Better Structure for News Providers?

Charitable and Trust Ownership front cover



The potential in charitable and trust ownership. Edited by David A. L. Levy and Robert G. Picard



Detailed Description

This book explores the rationales and context of the push for charitable and trust structures, how structures affect control and operations of news organisations, and why they are important in the UK and elsewhere. It provides explanations of some of the most notable existing arrangements in the UK, France, Canada and the United States and how alternatively structured start-up news organisations are being created in the digital age.

New ways of funding professional journalism in the digital age need to be explored in order to preserve its public role and function for democracy.  This book gives a comprehensive overview and insight into financing journalism by foundations and other charitable institutions. It is a valuable source for media regulators, foundations and institutions and individuals engaged in journalism.”

Prof. Heinz-Werner Nienstedt, Former CEO Handelblatt, Department of Communication, Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität

“The current crisis in the news media requires much more than mere tinkering with financial flows. This timely book makes an important and well-grounded analysis of the potential role of non-profit organisations in enabling a new professional journalism capable of engaging with the crucial political, economic and cultural issues of the 21st century.”

Prof. Paschal Preston Director, STeM research Centre, Dublin City University