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DC - Award Verifications

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Award Verifications for current or former students. PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED WITHOUT SIGNED CONSENT.


Detailed Description

This option should be used to request a verification of award for a current or former student. We can verify more than one degree in the same order, as long as it is for the same student. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER UNTIL YOU HAVE OBTAINED YOUR CANDIDATE'S SIGNED CONSENT. 

Students cannot order a verification for themselves. If you are looking for a verification of your own degree, please contact [email protected] who should be able to advise.

Before this request can be fully processed you must email a ‘Consent to Disclosure’ form, signed by the student, to [email protected] with the email subject line as ‘Verification: [Your Online Store Order Number][Student Name]’. For example, 'Verification: OXF364515 Sophie Wright'. Failure to include the order number in your emails causes significant delays.

The signed consent must specifically name the company, agent or sub-contractor requesting the verification. If this is not available an official signed authorization letter from the parent company must be provided directly to us from the parent company. Such letters will be kept on file.

If you do not have your own consent form, you can download the University of Oxford form at the following address: http://www.ox.ac.uk/students/graduation/verification. Acceptable consent must be sent within 21 working days in order to be processed. After this time a new order should be placed. No refunds will be given for unfulfilled orders should the above terms not be met.

Only the current Data Protection Act 2018 (UK) version of our consent form will be accepted. You can continue to use your own consent.

Please allow up to 21 working days for receipt and please only make contact with the Degree Conferrals Team if your request is outstanding after this time. Orders will not be processed until suitable consent from the candidate is sent to us.

Please do not phone or email to check the progress of your verification, as this causes delays.